The CA-MI AS100 Suction Unit

The CA-MI AS100 is an electric aspirator for the aspiration of body fluids, oral aspiration, nasal and tracheal in adults and children with a massive 40l/min airflow rate. This unit is mainly used in small surgery, on tracheotomised patients and post-operative treatments at home, thanks to the high power of the compressor and the suction performance. The device can also be used in maneuvers of Gastroentorology, Obstetrics, is ideal for ENT purposes including aural micro-suction.


Its dimensions, the convenient carrying handle and the extreme ease of use make it suitable for use in outpatient settings, in wards / hospital wards and for home-care treatments for which the device has been specifically certified in compliance with EN 60601-1-11 "use in home-care". Equipped with vacuum gauge (bar & kPa) and vacuum regulator, the device is available with a 1 litre autoclavable or disposable collection system.

CA-MI AS100 Suction Unit