Flovac Liner

The FLOVAC® LINER consists of a soft bag hermetically welded to a rigid lid. LINERS are available in 3 capacities (1l, 2l and 3l) and they work when inserted in the relevant reusable and autoclavable rigid jars.


Liners can be supplied in different configurations: liner only, liner with pre-filled gelling kit, liner with connectors and tubes, liner with connectors and tubes and vacuum breaker.


The FLOVAC® LINER has a soft but extremely resistant bag. Each liner is individually sterile flat-packed and can easily be extended by the operator. Insertion into the supporting jar is extremely simple.


The supporting jar avoids any mechanical stress on the bag generated by the vacuum, allows accurate measurement on the graduated scale and an effective intervention of the overflow system.

Flovac Liner Flexible

The CA-MI FLOVAC® LINER has a soft but extremely resistant bag. 

Autoclavable Flovac Canisters

The autoclavable supporting jars have a conical shape to save space during the storage. A graduated scale printed on the supporting reusable jar allows an easy monitoring of the volume of the suctioned fluid.

Blister Packed Flovac Liners

The CA-MI FLOVAC® LINER is individually blister packed giving all the specifications of size, lot number, expiry date and production date. The individual packaging, perfectly facilitates the distribution of the individual units.